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  • 3 in. (76 mm)
  • 1.5 / 1.12 OD/ID (mm)
  • Fire Polished
Description Thin-Wall Features
Thin Wall single barrel capillaries are offered both with or without inner filaments. The concentricity of this material provides excellent strength. Micropipettes made from thin wall capillaries have fine tips with a short taper.

Glass Features
Close dimensional tolerances assure microelectrode uniformity and reproducibility. Capillaries with or without inner filaments are available for making microelectrodes in a wide range of diameters

Fire-polished glass capillaries are easier to insert into microelectrode holders without damaging the gasket. More importantly, fire-polished glass won't scratch the chloridized wire used in a recording electrode. Fire-polishing does not affect the glass's mechanical or electrical properties.

Quantity in Vial

Because electrode tips erode when left filled with saline solutions for long periods, electrodes should be made and filled immediately prior to use.

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